Upcoming Auricular Acu-Tech Training Dates

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Save the dates! July 28-30th
Providence, RI

Registration will be opening in May. More details as we have them!

(SLC and Moab)

Moab in April ’23
Salt Lake City in June ’23

There are three upcoming trainings in Utah with Amy De La Garza, MD and Elizabeth Howell, MD.  Please go to the website for more details and links to register!

Cost for each training is $360 (+ $50 for POCA membership)

with Nobi Pyle

April 16 and 17
April 23 and 24
Sunday hours 8:30-4:30
Monday hours 8-12
All 4 days required.

Location: YWCA House of Neighborly Service (HNS)

243 W. 33rd (corner of 9th Ave and 33rd Street) Tucson AZ

Cost: $350 per participant.

-Each participant will separately join POCA at the Punk level member ($50)

-Will receive all the equipment and supplies necessary to complete 100 treatments

-POCA manual

– Will receive certificates of Clean Needle Technique and completion of training in order to apply for State of Arizona ADS certificate (which is a separate cost).

To register, contact Nobi Pyle: Nobi@TucsonAcuHerbs.com

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO with Rolli Oden and MK Christian

April 20, 21, 22

This training is being hosted by Voces Unidas for Justice.

A principal ethos of Voces Unidas is language justice. Not all attendees will be English speaking and there will be simultaneous translation of Spanish to English and English to Spanish. All attendees will use provided headsets throughout the training. For more about the sponsoring agency please go to http://www.vocesunidasforjustice.org/ . The training will be held at the Chinook Center.

The cost of this training is $325 plus a POCA membership of $50. To Register for this class please go to acuwellnessnow.com

FLAGSTAFF, AZ with Nox Chetcuti

Saturday, May 6th, 3:00p – 5:00p
Sunday, May 7th, 9:00a – 5:30p
Monday, May 8th, 9:00a – 5:30p

at Stuck Community Acupuncture
2708 N. Fourth St, Suite F2,
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

State of Arizona Acupuncture Board of Examiners requires 70 hours of training for auricular
acupuncture licensure. 30 hours of didactic (classroom and homework) and 40 hours, 20 treatments)
of supervised needling. Trainees will participate in class, study after class, and engage in supervised
needling during the course. Expected time preparing for class and after class is 54 hours.

● Cost: $500 per participant
● Includes application to POCA Punk Level Membership
● POCA 5NP Manual, digital copy with links to resources
● Participants will receive certification of Clean Needle Technique
● Ear seeds, needles, tweezers, silicone practice ear, apron

To register, contact

Nox Chetcuti, L.Ac., POCA AAT Trainer


May 12th 2023
at Providence Community Acupuncture 1055 Westminster Street in Providence, RI
Friday, May 12th 9am-1pm
This half-day training is specifically for medical doctors (MDs and DOs) licensed in the state of Rhode Island.
The cost of the training is $250
An additional $50 membership fee to join POCA as a Punk/Provider is required.
Please click here to apply.
For more information, email Andy at admin@manchesteracupuncturestudio.org


May 19th & May 20th

at Providence Community Acupuncture 1055 Westminster Street in Providence, RI

Friday 5/19   8:30 – 4:30
Saturday 5/20   10 – 4:30
+ online modules & additional practice sessions

This is a hybrid training consisting of 2 online modules to be completed before the in-person two-day training event, and may require follow up participation in community clinics to obtain approved treatments of 40 ears.

This training is offered on a sliding scale $280-360

An additional $50 membership fee to join POCA as a Punk/Provider is required.

Please click here to apply and to learn more about this training. Join POCA here. 

For more information please email providencecommunityacupuncture@gmail.com