Volunteer Agreement


The undersigned (the “Volunteer”) hereby submits to be a volunteer for the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture, an Oregon cooperative (“POCA”).  The volunteer hereby acknowledges that he or she is providing services on a fully
voluntary basis. The volunteer acknowledges that he or she is not entitled to any compensation for services rendered and is not an employee of POCA or any member clinic for any state, provincial, or federal laws, including but not limited to employment, tax, or unemployment compensation laws and volunteer hereby waives any claim or protection under any such laws. Volunteer understands that POCA is relying upon the
representation in this Agreement in including Volunteer in POCA’s volunteer program.
Our professional ethics require that each volunteer maintain the highest degree of confidentiality when handling client matters. To maintain this professional confidence, no volunteer shall disclose patient information to patients, clients, friends, or members of one’s own family.