Maybe you've just started to find your way around the new site?

And maybe you've just discovered the inner workings of the POCA department circles via the new Fishbowl forum?

You've boned up on multi-stakeholer cooperatives perhaps?  Nahhh.

That's okay, we're all going to figure out how to do this together…

and one of the best ways to learn about doing something is to do it.  It's like dancing.   This next part of the dance involves getting as many clinics, and punks, and students, and clinic staff, and patients, and the companies we regularly do business with… this next part is the beginning of getting all those people dancing together.

Don't worry we'll start slowly.  One foot, and then the other, and then the first one again… over and over.and BAM! we're POCA-ing… 

Have you got a script, something posted in the clinic, on your website, pictures of the front desk receptors wearing giant “ASK me about POCA” buttons, or any other great ideas on how to make this fun and easy?  

What if healthcare, and ecomomies, and communities, and education, were designed with the users in mind.  Or how about not just in mind, but involved.  Giving all stakeholders a voice is just part of what it will take to make our coop truly participatory and shaped by those who own it.  What it will look like when we get that many more people involved in shaping, and supporting it will be amazing.  But we've got to invite people to the dance floor to get them to dance.  Right?



Author: crismonteiro

I've always thought that I would live to be 100 years old and now that I have an actual idea of what it might be like to inhabit this body for a century I want to be damn sure that Community Acupuncture is around to help me through my days and in the end, on my way. In the meantime, I am passionate about getting shit done, and also having fun.

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  1. MAS and PCA are both doing free treatments for people who sign up for POCA on May Day. Other clinics are kicking off their Patient Membership drives on May Day or even before then.

    Basic HOW TO steps to joining POCA online (print this out and give it to your patients who want to sign up online.) https://pocacoop.com/james-restons-appendix/post/become-a-poca-member

    Handy Fliers to post around your clinic– put ’em in the bathroom too!

  2. Here’s a one-page handout/email to sign-up volunteers.

    I believe in the theory that what helps people think freshly about anything is a positive connection with a person or people. It’s how PCA and community acupuncture exist at all. CA is kinda radical for our society but people decide to forget what they’ve learned because they see that it makes sense and a difference for lots of people they like and respect.
    All just to say our tone with talking to people about POCA is important.
    Enthusiasm and confidence in community acu and POCA are things you have which is why you’re helping out with this project. Go ahead and show those things. In other words, be yourselves!

    HOW TO
    Super easy. You can either help folks do it online right there and then, or if either or both of you are are more comfortable with paper and pen, then after telling them benefits, etc. just get down all their info, and go over sliding scale membership fee.

    Online at the POCA website:
    Here, you’ll click join at the bottom of the page and follow easy instructions.
    People can pay right there and then.
    The old fashioned way:
    Get name, address, city, state, zip, phone #, birthday (for their free tx.), username, and email
    You can decide whether you want to talk to them about volunteering, or you can tell them to talk to one of the punks or front desk people. People who are interested in volunteering, please get their contact to (blank)
    The sliding scale membership fee is 25. 50. 75. or 100. Works just like tx. No questions asked, and choose based on what makes sense in your life for a year membership.

    WHY JOIN (these reasons and others posted in the room)
    Figure out a couple of these reasons that really resonate with you and emphasize those.
    They’ll resonate with others, too.
    1) To keep acupuncture affordable here in Providence.
    2) To get connected to a now international movement and join one of the most fun
    and hard working bunch of people you’ll ever meet.
    3) To help us create community acupuncture clinics in parts of the country that desperately need them.
    4) So that you can have more of a say in how we do things.
    5) To help create more jobs for acupuncturists in Rhode Island and beyond.
    6) To get three “First Treatment Free” cards for use at any clinic.
    7) To receive a free birthday treatment every year.
    8) To participate in occasional fun-having at the clinic.
    9) To find volunteer opportunities within our clinic and within the larger organization.
    10) To help provide a working model for sustainable, ethical, and affordable healthcare practice.
    11) To receive a subscription to our monthly newsletter, Sticking Together.