Why I Joined POCA

I Joined POCA because I wanted to see models for health care and business that were sane, and where people power and helping each other is more important than politics and profits.


There are so many reasons to JOIN POCA- Let's hear yours.


Joining POCA is easy just click here for registration information and a list of membership benefits.

Author: crismonteiro

I've always thought that I would live to be 100 years old and now that I have an actual idea of what it might be like to inhabit this body for a century I want to be damn sure that Community Acupuncture is around to help me through my days and in the end, on my way. In the meantime, I am passionate about getting shit done, and also having fun.

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Conference Keynote: Breaking the Ceiling

The theme for this conference is “Breaking Barriers”. You know, there are so many barriers to break in acupuncture that it was really hard to choose which ones to talk about for this speech. But since I’ve spent so much time talking about classism as a barrier, I thought it might be fun to shift gears a little and talk about numbers.


  1. I joined POCA because I wanted to put forth my two cents to ensure that community acupuncture is happening all over the place, because I effing love you guys, because I am thankful for my job, my work, and my know-how-to-be a machete to the jungle of pain out there, OooohRAH POCA!!

  2. I joined POCA because I couldn’t believe a group of folks was crazy enough to design the answer to my prayers and I had to be part of it. Also, appreciated that they are willing to really show up as themselves (and even say fuck!)
    Best professional decision I’ve ever made.

  3. I joined POCA, I volunteer for POCA, I support POCA because it is an organization that takes action based on what it believes is best for the greatest number of patients.

  4. I joined POCA because, it’s an organization that is about putting acupuncturists to work. There is no acu organization that does that other than POCA. so, fuck, yeah!

  5. I joined POCA because after 13 disappointing years of being a part-time acupuncturist I was ready to quit. When I found the CA model a huge light went off in my head, and wouldn’t let me sleep until I had done something with it.

    POCA and all that it offers in the way of camaraderie, support, information (oh, so much information!) and vision has given me the tools I needed to be able to ‘live the dream.’

  6. I joined POCA because i believe people of ordinary means should be able to get quality acupuncture from skilled providers without going into debt.

    Also I think the amount of guidance available here in all aspects of starting and running a clinic is really staggering and, when you consider the cost of business coaching, is an absolute steal for the cost of membership.

    I volunteered for POCA Tech because i have been involved in acupuncture education for well over a decade and strongly feel that it is time to try a different approach.

    I feel really happy to be able to contribute to the organization and the re-thinking of acupuncture education, how it is done and who it serves.

  7. I joined POCA because… there’s always going to be clean, clear ways to help the head and hands aspect of being a better acupuncturist. POCA allows us the messy, challenging, uplifting and inspiring way to work on our hearts.

  8. Access! Just like the ways at our clinics we do things based on people being able to find us, be attracted, and be able to come – I think of joining POCA as growing a movement based on a rational and just and clinically effective way of doing medicine so that more punks can find us and open more rational clinics so that more of my family and friends and also everyone I’ll never know can get regular acupuncture. And so there’s that many more shared social spaces in the world.

  9. i joined POCA because when i first read the LRB in my 2nd year of school, i knew CA was for me. i can live out my values every day by offering affordable care to regular people. i love being part of the healthcare solution. i love volunteering for POCA because this is a group of people who truly, creatively makes shit happen.

  10. I joined POCA because We can!

    I can’t do this by myself and stay sane – we can.
    I can’t change acupuncture – we can.
    I can’t build a sustainable community business- we can.
    I can’t live in multiple cities so all my loved ones can get regular affordable acupuncture-we can.
    I can’t make acupuncture more useful and accessible to more people all around the country- we can.
    I definitely not going to open an affordable acupuncture school -we can!

  11. I joined POCA because acupuncture is awesome and everyone should have access to it. POCA provides support, education and inspiration in the true spirit of community enrichment.

  12. I joined POCA because I believe regular acupuncture can help to heal the world. I hope in my lifetime to see clinics like this all over; breaking down the barriers that pain and suffering can cause and creating space for communities to heal & grow together.

    Being a part of POCA is comforting also.
    (sort of like when you wake up the community room that was empty when you arrived; and is now full of familiar faces, friends & neighbors all comfy and snoozing!)

    Knowing there is a whole group of us working to create access to acupuncture for all, gives me hope for humans… in a world that sometimes seems so bizarrely wrong, chaotic and backwards; the clinics seem like a pool of tranquility, each with a ripple effect, spreading healing and calm.