Why Join POCA?

We’re different from other acupuncture organizations. 

POCA is designed to build long-term, stable economic relationships based on fair treatment for everybody. We recognize that producers and consumers are mutually dependent and that a healthy relationship between these groups is connected to the health of the larger community and economy.

We focus our resources and energy on:

  • organizing a supportive community of practitioners and supporters to help get new clinics up and running, and support existing community clinics as well;
  • promote building successful clinics through hard work and best practices;
  • Provide useful and dynamic information through workshops and online conferences.

We don’t waste energy or resources on:

  • turf warfare with other healthcare practitioners: chiropractors, physical therapists, nurses, medical doctors or anyone else;
  • lobbying to pass legislation that has no hope of passing;
  • fighting with insurance companies over reimbursement; or
  • arguing internally about what our goals are. We know exactly what our goals are.

POCA invites members to help us bring more acupuncture to more people while creating living-wage jobs for acupuncturists.

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