Why more punks in more places…

“Why more punks in more places…

Because the woman who was stung by a bee last week needed relief that creams didn’t give her and didn’t want a steroid shot for pain and inflammation.

Because the older woman who comes for pain regularly, feels some relief and a sense of hope that she doesn’t find anywhere else, every single time she comes for treatment.

Because the man whose doctor said he wasn’t fit for surgery and that he should just try to exercise and maybe get a ton of acupuncture, as a last resort for walking on his left leg, is finally tremendously better and with more mobility after his twelfth treatment.

Because the teenager who got run into playing soccer didn’t fracture anything but couldn’t walk until three acupuncture sessions back to back.

Because the man with anxiety who can’t sleep at night, leaves feeling rested, and hopeful about the night ahead.

Because hopelessness is a real thing that more people deal with than is talked about, and an hour in a collective healing space soothes the soul.

Because acupuncture can help most people, to some varying degree, and because acupuncture in quantity improves lives, we need more punks in more places.

Punks are not just skilled acupuncturists. They are humans skilled in the arts of holding space for communal healing. When we heal together, we are all lifted.”
Because of all this and more I feel privileged to be a part of POCA and to be supporting the Membership Drive. POCA uses the dues to fund POCA Tech, create awesome POCA Fests, grant microloans, train Auricular Acu-Technicians,  connect punks and patients to work toward the common goal of more acupuncture in more places and ….so much more. 

Thank you POCA Members for creating More Punks in More Places.

Author: teatree

lover of bikes, gardens, loaf shaped animals, kids, contra dancing, books, and weird smells. poking people and helping them feel better is amazing.