With Gratitude…

I would like to thank Acupuncture Today for their front page story, “Acupuncture May Soothe Aching Heads.” I never learned anything suggesting this in my MSOM program (which is why we now need a first professional doctorate, FPD). This article will transform my practice.

Jessica Feltz
Author: Jessica Feltz

<p> I learned about Community Acupuncture while studying at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (MCOM) in the Spring of 2006 when Lisa Rohleder's first article about her clinic appeared in Acupuncture Today. Coming from a middle-class background myself, I was the only student in my acupuncture class to have not experienced the healing benefits of this medicine prior to beginning studies at MCOM. I couldn't afford it. And my family couldn't understand what I was doing by investing in an education that they didn't perceive to be financially sustainable. </p> <p> The Community Acupuncture model is a perfect fit for me, balancing social justice and taoist simplicity with the patient's innate ability to heal him/herself (with a few gentle nudges from strategically placed needles). I am grateful every day to have found CAN and the love it brings into my life. I want to share that joy by spreading the message about how we can create a new health care experience in our communities through each of our very small efforts...and how those very small efforts can in turn change the world. </p> I enjoy my two sons, my 4 cats, and big stacks of books.  I own and operate...

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  1. What’s up with the editor?

    A few months ago, the editor wrote about how more then ever we need to use acupuncture to help our patients deal with stress.


  2. Prefer Community Accupuncture

    I just wanted to share my experience with your community clinic as being wonderful. I have tried private clinics recently and found them to be less friendly and an almost sterile environment. You have provided an environment in which people can heal and reduce stress together. Another benefit I have found from community accupuncture is that you let your patients sleep as long as they want and don’t interrupt every 20 minutes. I hope that more accupuncture practices become community based.
    Thanks Jessica!