How do POCA Statements get created?

Policy regarding the publication of POCA Statements:

If any circle or group of members thinks a topic warrants a public statement from POCA, a request (with a brief outline) should be submitted to the General Circle via email for prior approval.

If the GC approves the topic, a (google) document will be created and made available for any interested POCA member to view and edit for collaborative purposes.

Collaborative statement will then be resubmitted via email for a consensus vote. Adjustments and edits may be requested. 

Statement will then be posted by GC to the website for use. 

When creating statements, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Please be open to collaboration, compromise and edits
  • Please be conscious that collaboration may take time and process
  • Please communicate any concerns you may have with the people you are collaborating with