POCA Grievance Policy

The purpose of this grievance policy is to help build a culture that supports all members working together productively and treating each other well. Implicit in this process is the recognition that conflict is an inevitable part of life and that our aim with this process is to learn to resolve it in the most positive and productive way possible. To that end we have established the following process:

  1. All issues that require activation of the grievance policy process should be brought directly to the Operational Leader or Representative of the POCA Circle most involved with the work (or to the POCA General Circle (GC) if the appropriate circle is unclear; the GC will then redirect it to the appropriate circle). The concerned member should include as much detail as possible and be sure to include their contact information.
  2. The circle to which the issue is addressed will establish a point person who will co-ordinate all communications involving the issue between the member with the concern and that circle.
  3. The circle will work as a group to resolve the issue with the concerned member.
  4. If a solution is reached and agreed to by both parties; the solution should be implemented, and the matter will be considered closed.
    • A summary of the particular grievance and its solution will be presented to the GC to enable them to monitor incidence and patterns of conflicts.
  5. If the circle and the concerned member require further assistance reaching a resolution the issue may be presented to the GC for consideration during a regularly scheduled GC meeting.
  6. All decisions made by the GC at such a meeting are final.

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