Posting Policy

The purpose of this policy is to maintain a functional website that fulfills POCA’s mission and vision. The POCA website will not host discussions at the expense of promoting community acupuncture.

1.  The blog, forums, and POCA TV are moderated by POCA volunteers. We reserve the right to remove, edit, close, or move any messages or posts for any reason.

2.  The forums are moderated more heavily than the blog or POCA TV comments because the purpose of the forums is to help people understand and implement the community acupuncture business model. If any thread, comment, or post is deemed to be not useful, it will be deleted. If any POCA member consistently posts in a way that the moderating volunteers deem not useful, that member may be banned.

What is not useful, includes, but is not limited to: spam; messages that are obscene, threatening, or break any laws; deliberately posting controversial statements to gain attention for the sake of attention; deliberately posting controversial statements to incite argument for the sake of argument; encouraging any POCA member to behave more like Gandhi and/or Mother Theresa; and disagreeing with fundamental premises of community acupuncture as defined here. If you wish to do any of these things, you may do so on your own blog or forum, not here.

3.  Advertising anything in the public forums such as jobs, selling a clinic, trainings, or merchandise is a POCA membership benefit and must be useful to the community acupuncture movement.

4.   If you must talk about a patient, either to get advice or to convey a point, please protect their privacy.  Patients should not be identifiable by name, circumstances, or any other information. Please restrict posts about patients to the punk forums.

5.  Your constitutional rights to “free speech” do not apply on privately owned websites like POCA.  If the moderating volunteers decide that you and/or your posts are not useful, they will take moderating action.

6.  The forums and blog are not democratic. The moderating volunteers decide what is useful and are under no obligation to explain their decisions.

7.  Challenging the authority of the moderating volunteers, including challenging any moderating action, is grounds for immediate banning from the forums and blog.

8.  In short, do not bite the hand that feeds you.  You bite, we ban.

POCA TV Policy

Have you created a video that you would like to post to POCA Tv?

  1. Upload it to a video hosting site (like Vimeo or Youtube), and send us the link.
  2. POCA Tv staff and volunteer forum moderators will review submissions and post those that benefit the community and are constructive to the overall dialogue .
  3. If the POCA Tv staff feel that your video is inappropriate, we will tell you why, and what you could do to make it acceptable.