All Ears!

Guest post by Ellen Vincent

We’ve made a lot of progress since the first Public Service Announcement about POCA and Ear Acupuncture. We’re now an official Ear Circle with our very own email address:, our inaugural in-person training will be happening at POCA Fest Milwaukee in May, and as of today we are officially launching both the 14 CEU online POCA Auricular Acu-Technician (AAT) Training Course as well as providing you with, hopefully, all of the answers to all of your questions about how our certification process works.

If you’re an acupuncturist reading this, taking the online CEU class will get you an Auricular Acu-technician Certificate, which is the first step towards becoming a Trainer of Auricular Acu-technicians. Heads up, though — if you attend the full in-person auricular training at POCA Fest, you’ll get access to that same content (and the certificate).

More info on our webpage at and Cris and Caroline are working on a video about the process — so stay tuned.

Cris recently suggested that our tagline should be:

POCA: we get (sh)IT done

Agreed. And, there’s a ton more to do, obviously. The non-acupuncturists who attend the training at POCA Fest will be able to practice the 5NP legally in Wisconsin under physician delegation once they have their AAT certificate, and that’s a major start. After that, it’s going to be a state-by-state effort and we need people who are willing to take the risk of going first, “in every way that matters,” as Lisa wrote recently in her second Stone Soup installment.

This program will be the foundation for all kinds of social containers that are only just beginning to take form in the fractal’s mind-eye. So our process document and the training has some answers, but it’s just the beginning — I can’t wait to see what kinds of structures and partnerships and delivery systems for auricular acupuncture people dream up and work to make a reality. None of this is going to be easy, most likely, but I'm pretty sure no one has ever been able to accuse us of not having fun while we’re getting all this (sh)IT done.

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  1. 1000% approve of that tagline, and 1000000% approve of all of this AWESOME NEW STUFF POCA volunteers have been working on around the AAT certification! It’s so wonderful to see all of the different punks and people coming together around this! YAY!!!