Announcement: TWO POCAfests Lined Up For 2014!!

From The Free Dictionary:

two  (t)
1. The cardinal number equal to the sum of 1 + 1.

Just want to be clear what I mean by “two” going forward. 

But, YES! Looks like we have two POCAfests lined up for 2014, both in parts of our land that haven't hosted one yet. 

POCAfest #1 will be in Tucson over the March 14-16 weekend.

POCAfest #2 will be outside the Twin Cities of Minnesota over the September 12-14 weekend. 

As summer winds into fall we will be providing more detailed descriptions than what is below but let's look at how they complement each other.

Tucson will be an urban type of POCAfest, located in the historic Zuzi Theatre, just west of the University of Arizona. Food will be catered in by Feast restaurant. (We don't have the exact menu yet.) Sleeping will be a  Best Western hotel a couple blocks away as is TACO (Tucson Acupuncture Co-Op) Josh Whiteley's and Ellen Vincent's CA space. Weather calls for highs in the high 70's and sun, sun, sun. (Just think of that you northerners.) 

Twin Cities is located on the outskirts of the metro area at Camp St Croix, a YMCA camp on the St Croix river, in Hudson, Wisconsin. So this POCAfest is in a camp environment like Providence and Marin Headlands were. All food and sleeping is provided for at the camp. This POCAfest locale makes it the more family-friendly one if you choose to bring 'em all. 

So what's not to love? I sure don't know. We aren't ready for registrations yet. That will be later this fall. Meanwhile various crack POCA punks are working their fingers to the nubbins in planning for these events. For Tucson, we got Ellen and Josh from TACO who will be joined with other local punks. (I think Tucson has like 4 or maybe 5 CA clinics now, which means we are looking into a bus tour ending in a great lookout spot for Saturday's sunset.) Refreshments will be provided. Mmmm. Larry Gatti of Tucson Community Acupuncture is already warming up his van to pick us all up at the airport. Kevin Campopiano of The Acupuncture Studio in Glens Falls, NY is coordinating this POCAfest (and no doubt dreaming of warm weather in March.) Me (from WCA) and Cris Monteiro (of PCA) will no doubt be adding our 2 cents too.

For Camp St Croix, we gotta thank the relentless team of Jessica Hanson and Trish Kanous of Southpoint CA, and Kerri Casey of Minnesota CA. Cris and I will be coordinating this sucker. Also I must mention Olive Crane and Amy Severinsen of Milwaukee CA for looking around there for a possible POCAfest site. In the end we chose Camp St Croix but they provided decent leads for a Milwaukee POCAfest in the future. Truly these POCAfests will be team efforts! 

Alright. Any questions? Can't decide on which one you want to go to? How about both! But ask away and we wil try to answer your questions as to how the two POCAfests may differ.  (Costs in the long run look similar.) 

Skip Van Meter
Author: Skip Van Meter

Skip is Lead Acupuncturist and Co-Founder of <a href="" target="_blank">Working Class Acupuncture</a> in Portland, Oregon. With the earlier part of his life spent acquiring knowledge about geology, urban planning and teaching high school, he has now been an acupuncturist for 19 years, using about a 1,750,000 needles poking his patients. He likes all things soccer, has three fabulous sons, the best wife in the world, and a great dog and two cool cats.

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  1. That’s right cacti, campfires and comrades! It’s not too early to start talking to punks in your clinics and your Regions to find out whose going and how you are all going to get there. Let’s make these the biggest POCAfests yet!

  2. I love the Best Western in Tuscon that’s been picked out. Cooked to order breakfast included, hot tub, happy hour 5-8 pm at a hotel bar voted “Best Karaoke Bar in Tuscon.” Nice!

  3. I am a newbie so completely excited to meet all you crazy people. I live in Phoenix if anybody needs a ride down to Tucson, or finds it is a lot cheaper to fly into Phoenix. Also, I booked my hotel room with two beds in case there is another newbie out there who doesn’t know anybody and wants to split the cost of a room.