“Antenna for the ‘God’ signal”

“Here’s a trippy thought: perhaps the reshaping of neural connections in
our brains makes our synaptic firing more of an antenna for the “god”
signal. I’m tuning in to the signal right now… yes… It’s coming in
….WBLISS 108.OM”  (thanks to my friend Matthew for this bit of neural feedback)

Earlier today I saw/read a link to this article on NPR: here’s a blurb:

“Neuroscientist Richard Davidson says you can change your brain with experience and training.

“You can sculpt your brain just as you’d sculpt your muscles if you went to
the gym,” he says. “Our brains are continuously being sculpted, whether
you like it or not, wittingly or unwittingly.”

It’s called neuroplasticity.”

I was thinking about how this could apply to acupuncture and treatment efficacy, and how many people in the chairs have expressed that feeling of serenity
and calmness in terms of a kind of meditation, that the needles tend to
induce a stillness on the person receiving acupuncture. How many times have
you seen the change on peeps faces pre and post treatment? 

From the biz side, recently a CANner put up a post regarding how to fill the chairs, to which a couple of us replied: “visualize a full clinic.”   neuroplastic rewiring, recreating experienced reality.

Seems like the parched Sonoran desert has the Antenna for the “God” signal today, the rain is still a fallin’.  It’s a good day.

Author: keithananda

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  1. Really?  I always thought

    Really?  I always thought it was the needles in people’s heads that tuned into some magical signal from outer space or something and made people better…

    Justine Deutsch, Lic. Ac., Acupuncture Together

  2. LOL, that’s sort of how I always explain needles

    Bai hui, I tell them, is an antenna to heaven.  The way I explain distal tx is that they are like antennae that work inside the body, tuned to a specific signal, that call to a certain part of the immune or endocrine or nervous (or whatever) system to bring just that type of energy up to the “working area” of the body.

    It always helped people to understand and laugh a little and look for sensation.