Benefits of having confidence that the treatment style is very effective

I think a major drawback in my earlier (BA) practice was not having sufficient tools to help patients consistently from the initial visit.  Since learning from Dr. Richard Tan’s 4 books ( I especially like “Acupuncture 1,2,3” , coming from a newbie to his style) and his online forum, I have surprisingly ceased to be amazed at the early improvements — from the 1st visit, and now expect that so long as my diagnosis of the sick meridian(s) is/are correct and treat the clients accordingly, the results will be there.

This confidence in the effectiveness of the treatments makes a positive difference when talking to people about acupuncture.

I haven’t had to bring up the topic of referrals with clients. Last week, after a client’s 3rd treatment, she told me she had been talking to other parents at her son’s school about acupuncture and that it really works. This was much appreciated, and she left with some flyers and bu cards.

Author: davidv

Have been practicing community acup. since early 2008. Solo acupuncturist. No employee. Previous employments in Home Audio retail sales and Insurance claims.

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  1. Exactly

    I agree 100 percent about feeling more confident with the Richard Tan strategy. I combine the balance method with the Jingei treatment and I feel it makes up for what I am not getting in the school clinic – consistency in treatment strategies and results!