CAN vs. Community Theater

I have recently finished being part of a community theater show – the first that I have ever been on stage for. I signed up for it because I’ve had a nagging desire to be on stage. I am actually fairly quiet, introverted and slow to make friends, but I like to push my own boundaries.

I have been bemoaning the fact that I don’t have many “friends” for several years now. I made friends through highschool and we’ve gone our separate way. The same is true for community college, and graduate school. My husband is so at peace being at home with just me that in comparison I am freakishly extroverted. That leaves me, shy me, to make friends.

As I got involved in this show my heart warmed up. What an incredible process. To have so many people from so many walks of life come together in what is really a selfless and time consuming endeavor to entertain the masses. And the trials that we all went through, the long hours, the demanding choreography (the hokey pokey is in my book though), and the fact that there were no lights on stage left and I kept running into EVERYTHING in the dark just brought us all together. We were in it together. Thick or thin. Whether we liked each other or not, we trusted each other to remember our lines, to put that set piece where it belonged so I wouldn’t trip over that too, and to zip up my dress so I’m not flashing the audience unduly.

With that experience came a great joy. Blooming, blossoming, awesome incredible joy to be PART of something bigger than myself.

I’ve been reading the CAN @4 threads today and that feeling returns. All of you are that family to me. Now we may not be dancing around on stage together – but then again maybe we are. We are the forefront of a great revolution in health. We are leading this ourselves. We are each struggling to remember the steps, the systems, and figuring out how to get over obstacles. We cannot do it alone. The whole is more than the sum of it parts… by far.

I may not ever see your face but it is YOU who makes this absolute joy in being a community acupuncturist possible.



Hadea Tift
Author: Hadea Tift

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  1. Perfect timing~

    Dana, you have no idea how timely this is for me!  I came to the computer bc I was feeling sad, tired, fighting off a cold, a little grumpy, didn’t want to talk to anybody but still wanted to communicate… and right away I signed in on CAN to get my heart filled up a little bit.  And then I read this!

    I love the analogy of community theater and doing what we do in our clinics.  We are all in it together and we do it out of sheer love and joy, we reach out to our community, we pull them into to join us…

    Hurray for finding a new part of yourself!  and hurray for sharing it with us.

    xo Julia in Berkeley