Charleston Community Acupuncture- seedling

Its official, we are open! ( We opened our doors last Tuesday and had a nice mellow week with eight treatments(one was actually me). I have to say It would have been way more difficult to have done this without the help of some key people. Trying to start a clinic on your own with no one to help would be terrifying. Even though I am the only acupunk on the grounds here, my wife and I had an agreement that she was going to help me with most of the office work and a number of other things. That said, she is now getting a job, and we might not be using day care for our 2 year old son as much as we thought(kids are expensive!) ANyways, just me knowing that she was there for me, gave me the courage to do this, knowing that I wasn't alone.

Help from others in the community came along from old friends that really surprised me. My website was done by a close friend who only wanted cooking lessons from my wife. He knows several people who could benefit from acupuncture and was excited about CA The buildout was done as a credit for acupuncture by another friend in love with the CA model. Another friend is printing my cards. Even though sometimes when you do trades or favors it can be at the bottom of the priority list and may not be 'exactly' what you wanted, its still worth it!

My first week gave me the best patients ever. My 1st patient ever was a 83 year old lady with head tremors. I knew ahead of time what I was going to do, which included scalp points. When I told her she had to take her shoes off she complained about how embarassed she was about her feet as she revealed her not so ugly feet. As I was about to needle her scalp I noticed she was wearing a wig! I broke and couldn't tell her she needed to take it off. So I told her we would be needling her scalp next time instead. She came back later that week prepared and it worked out well. So much easier on a bald head!

My second patient informed me that our water was not working. The whole first week, no running water. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Use was limited, a little essential oil spray, and pouring water in the back of the toilet while flushing did the trick when needed…

If I could have done anything different, I would have done my press releases earlier, say a week before opening instead of tommorrow… But at least we are doing them. We were way too busy scrambling to try and get things ready for opening day.

Anyways, I am so grateful for all you who paved the way. I am glad to be on this side, the ones with our eyes open and hands outreached to the communities at large, and not just the minority. I wouldn't have it any other way! Oh by the way, Acupuncture FREE day /world food day OCT 16th. What if we ALL did it. I think we could make the World News…..


Chad Houfek
Author: Chad Houfek

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  1. congratulations

    Hi Chad,


    Congratulations on being up and running. Yeah, I get to put a pin on another state in my national CAN map! Send cards to CommuniChi in Seattle.

    Yeah, I think World Food Day is a great idea to go nationwide. I think the issue is a perfect tie in for CA, given Lisa’s analogy in Noodles of regular preventative (acupuncture) care being like nourishment.

    We’ve already posted a press release and a media talk sheet on the thread by that name on the practitioner forum (NW node).


  2. carolina del sur

    chad!!! awesome man, seriously. your website looks great….youre even rockin a new haircut! we totally miss you here in boulder, but its inspiring to see how quick youve gotten up and going in charleston.  keep sending the updates. you are going to do great. is it true all your formulas come in a base of sweet tea? godspeed you, sir.

  3. FIELD TRIP!!!

    I have got to get down to the beach!  Sam and Aimee and I have talked about getting down to visit your clinic.  I will mention it again, now that you are open.  If you want to a mountain getaway in Asheville, let us know.

     ELizabeth at People’s Acupuncture of Asheville

  4. Thanks

    Thanks for the support and referals everbody, I hope to start sending people out your way too.
    Elizabeth, I look forward to meeting you and everyone at people’s. What a great excuse to go to Asheville!