Community Access TV and CA

Chalk this up as yet another lesson from the never-ending “Let Your Community Help Build Your Community Acupuncture Clinic” lecture we’ve heard so often on CAN.

Having been impressed by acupuncture in general and happy with her experience at her local community acupuncture clinic up here in Manchester, Coleen – a community access TV manager – asked if I would be willing to be interviewed on camera to talk acupuncture/community acupuncture.

The answer was ‘yes, of course’.

Thanks to her and her colleague’s enthusiasm and talents, the following ½ hour program was filmed, produced and edited for the purpose of spreading the word of acupuncture and CA around The Queen City and surrounding towns.

Do keep in mind the show is intended as an educational endeavor for the public and not a ‘commercial’ for our clinic. Frankly, I had to pick my spots to highlight the unique benefits of CA without coming across like a pitch-man for MAS.

Fellow CAN’ers, does this sound like something your local-access stations would be interested in doing with you?


To watch your colleague squirm under the hot lights of local television for the first time in his life, go to:

1. Choose ‘program schedule’ on left side bar.

2. Choose ‘channel 16/public education’ at top left.

3. Search for term ‘acupuncture’ – or – find the time when,
“An Introduction to Acupuncture Host: Mary Lou Wilson, Guest: Andy Wegman, L.Ac.”
is playing.

4. Choose ‘watch now’.

It’s a large file – so may take a bit to download.

Author: andy-wegman

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  1. You are quite the local celebrity!!!


    Yay for you – now not just an acupunk star, but also a Manchester tv star!  I will be tuning in shortly, once I have seen my morning batch of patients… I can’t wait!!!


     I hope to have such luck as you… the good news is, I am already getting that good community response that I witnessed at MAS – I hope to be graced with half as much as you 🙂


    Justine Deutsch, Lic. Ac.

    Acupuncture Together of Cambridge, MA

  2. I just watched this show (26+ minutes and about 10 min.

    to download it, but so worth it, Everyone!  In fact, I think it’s a good feature to put into CAN 101.  All new CANers and even some seasoned ones can get something out of this, how the rooms are set up, how Andy conducts an interview :(nice job keeping your face to the camera!) and gives a treatment, etc.  Good inspiration for coaching if you’re singled out for a similar interview, too.  Focus, clarity, intention all went over well for me as a viewer.  Oh yeah, that rolling stool you use: is that the same one that Barbara Chapman recommends?

  3. Yes.


    They’ve given me 2 hard copies of the show – ostensibly to shop around to other local access stations in the area.  Which I have done, and will do over the next weeks.

    But to answer your question more directly, CAN always has access to any acu-related info I have… 


  4. Andy That was wonderful!


     That was wonderful! You were so poised, so confident. Really really nicely done.


    Congratulations on the PR. I’m sure it will bring a new wave of patients your way.


    Your clinic is lovely, by the way. And I like the large plastic containers for the patient’s belongings. Easy to move if they happen  to place it in your way.


    Keep the good stuff coming!



  5. nice job

    hey andy-

    great interview and how lovely to be able to see your clinic. love the exposed brick look. i hope to visit one day in person!


  6. Andy,
    You did a great job


    You did a great job explaining what acupuncture is for and how it works! You were very succinct and you avoided TCM jargon–just what I needed to see! You are a great example for us about how to talk about what we do, and your clinic is absolutely stunning! Nice work!

    Darlene Berger

    Community Health Acupuncture Center

    801 Livernois, Ferndale, MI 48220


  7. wow!

    I finally got around to seeing this, and it is super!  Andy, you are so calm and clear and warm and natural!  I want to come get acupuncture from you!! (and you know I love those brick walls)!  Well done, well done I say!