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Just received this announcement from a friend of mine who has been listening to me share about Community Acupuncture for a few years now. She is offering Community Massage in Chatham Ma. I am really excited that this model is being tried by another healing modality. my plan at this point is to get her ‘the little red book’ so she can get a little more info on the origins and mission of CA and to have a conversation with her about the affordability/accessiblity side of things because i think some more information could be helpful.

From Local Newspaper:

Jennifer Kangas of Kangas Myofascial Massage announces the opening of the
Community Massage Project at McClennen Family Chiropractic and Wellness

46 Crowell Road, Chatham

Every Thursday a walk-in massage/bodywork
clinic will be open in the Community Wellness Room from 4 pm – 7 pm.  Ms.
Kangas, along with colleagues Paulette Abdow of Knead a Massage, and
Jennifer Dussault of Treat Lightly Healing, will be offering fifteen minute
treatments for $15. 

“I was inspired by the Community Acupuncture
model.  I wanted massage and
bodywork to be available and accessible to those with limited time and
resources,” said Kangas.  “The Community Wellness Room provides
ample space
for three therapists to work in an open area, clients are fully clothed and
no oils are used.  It is an ideal way for those ‘on the go’ to stop in for
relaxation or pain relief.” 

“Jennifer approached me a few weeks ago with this idea and I was onboard
immediately,” said Dussault.  “Our goal as massage therapists is
to assist
the body’s natural healing ability through a variety of techniques such as
traditional Swedish or deep tissue massage, Myofascial
or Cranial
Sacral Therapy.  I think this is a great way to make bodywork more
accessible to the community.” 

“Each therapist has a unique touch,” added Abdow. “Together we
can meet the
various needs of our clients.  We especially hope those who use their
physical bodies for work such as hair stylists,
landscapers, fishermen,
healthcare providers and hospitality workers will come get care for their
overworked bodies.  It is also ideal for those who are pressed for time.
Everyone can afford fifteen minutes!”

“I don’t view this as a luxury,” Kangas concluded.  “For
many people this
could mean the difference between surgery or a lifetime of pain medication.
For some it can mean being able to work an extra shift and earn much needed

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