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POCA’s Punks Need Patients as Much as Patients Need Punks, P-P-P-Part 2

I am stealing POCA volunteer Kristie Danis’ excellent title for some reflections I’ve got. It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. As you may know, at the beginning of November a bunch of POCA Circle volunteers converged in Portland for a leadership retreat. The weekend right after that, Skip and I went to Florida to teach a workshop for some fabulous POCA clinic owners and POCA punks. Whew! November has been kind of a whirlwind, but it’s also provided a great tour of the POCA-verse. Since we got back from Florida I’ve spent a lot of time collapsed on the couch alternately staring into space and at my laptop. The bad part about this is too much glazed-over Internet time; the good part is that I noticed two other POCA members who have blogs had put up interesting posts that got me thinking. And thinking and thinking. This is a long post so maybe you want to go get a cup of tea or something.

Best of CAN Blogs!

Welcome to the Best of CAN’s Blogs!  We’ve reviewed over 1000 blogs from the past three years to bring you some of our favorites, those which speak to the heart of Community Acupuncture.   We hope these gems convey to you what we love about CAN, what our patients love about our CA-clinics, and why we’re all in this together.  Take a minute to also check-out our


  1. Hey Mike! Great Post!
    I am originally from Brazil and just opened my practice in Worcester -MA, which is an ethinical melting pot.
    While I was at school, I had many people asking me: “Are you sure you are going to do this? You are not Asian, people won’t trust you”.
    Looking at the other side of the coin I can imagine if a Chinese tells me he is an expert in soccer…LOL. The truth is, he can be, and we Latinos, African Americans, Albanians, Italians etc… can be great Punks as well.
    In my very young practice (3 months) I see a mix of every culture. The Community Acupuncture model is a great equalizer and I am grateful to have chosen this path.
    We are around my friend!
    Feliz 2014!!!