Doing Something Useful (Beyond Our Usual Usefulness!)

There was a recent discussion on Facebook and now within the POCA forums among some POCA members regarding ways of participating in a National General Strike Day on February 17th.  Some clinics are planning on being closed, others will be open and donating some or all of the day’s revenues toward charitable organizations or offering free days.  As for those who are donating, there are a variety of choices: some clinics are selecting smaller grassroots organizations, some are choosing larger state, national or global organizations and some are choosing organizations local to their clinics.  Ultimately many of us want to be useful beyond our usual usefulness.  We can see our patients, community, nation and world feeling greater oppression and fear, and we feel it ourselves.  We are a group of people who care deeply and take action in a way that resonates with our own clinics and communities.

At the beginning of February a patient wrote me an email that said “Have you considered doing a special for Muslims and others attacked by the new administration?”  I empathized with her concerns but also grappled with how to do something useful without singling out a particular group of people.  I talked with my punk (punk = community acupuncturist) coworkers and with some other punk friends from around the country about ways to do something useful on a humanitarian level without making a political statement (some might argue this seems political, but many of us would argue it’s more about human rights and civil rights than politics).  Ultimately at our clinic, Acupuncture Together, we decided that doing some donation days over Presidents’ Day weekend would be something we could do that would be positive and practical (it doesn’t require any change in our schedule, doesn’t affect access to patients and doesn’t affect our staff’s schedules).  We’re choosing to donate 7% of revenues from Friday, 2/17 to Amnesty International, 7% from Saturday, 2/18 to the Massachusetts ACLU and Monday, 2/20 to Southern Poverty Law Center.  This is just our own clinic’s choice.  We think it’s great that clinics all around our country are considering ways to participate that are meaningful to them and hopefully to their patients and communities, too.

Hop on over to this POCA forum thread for more info:

Please feel free to leave comments about how you and your clinic are participating, here and/or in the forums.

Author: Justine_Myers

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