Something is changing with in me. I feel it like a ever-so-faint drum call in my veins. Getting louder slowly… until it lifts me off the ground and forces me to move, to soar.

I feel like I suddenly know all that I am capable of. Like I’ve glimpsed EXACTLY what I am meant to be. And the knowledge is so amazing, so incredible, I can’t possibly doubt that I will succeed.

This all comes at the about the same moment that I realized that I am meant to lead my community. I’m not yet sure what I will be doing, or how I will be doing it. I just know, deeply, that I am meant to move my community to greatness. A part of my personality I have never known is blossoming, quickly, into this incredible force to be reckoned with.

It was with this recognition that I was swept away. It doesn’t seem to matter that I don’t know what I am meant to do, just that I recognize the power that is with in me.

It is so strange to look at the landscape of your future, and all of the obstacles you saw before are suddenly insignificant. I am on my wings, and I am moving.

Hadea Tift
Author: Hadea Tift

<p>Skagit Community Acupuncture is located in Burlington, WA.  </p><p>We are open 5 days a week (Monday - Friday) with both morning and evening hours.</p><p>We have 8 comfy recliners and 1 massage table, with a waiting room and office adjoined, and private interview space.  All visits are $15 - $35 sliding scale with no income verification.

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