Getting the Giggles

Has anyone else gotten the giggles while treating patients? On the one hand its very satisfying to have a good belly laugh – but a bit inconvenient while you are bent over someone tapping in needles.

Today I had two patients in the back, and one that I was in the process of needling. The first lady was snoring, and it started to sound like a bear growling. This alarmed the patient I was needling until she realized it was coming from the other patient. The look on her face (and the growling itself) started me silently chuckling. Not 10 seconds later the lady in the other part of the room piped in with a higher pitched “warbling” noise that sent me over the edge. It was like a strange duet. I was shaking with laughter (as was my current patient). We weren’t making any noise, but I did have to walk away for a moment.

It was so joyous and strange.

Ahh, Good times.

Dana @ Skagit Community Acupuncture

Hadea Tift
Author: Hadea Tift

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  1. all the time

    I tend to joke with my patients a lot, and they tend to joke with me.  We have some fun for sure, which is a nice counterpoint to all the serious bearing-witness-to-suffering that happens as well.

  2. If I had to go a shift without laughing

    in the tx. room with the peeps, I’d probably explode. Besides, I’m sure it says somewhere in some dreadfully important old Chinese text that giggling qi is auspicious!

  3. totally!

    a favorite patient of mine would say in a very Homer Simpson way “ow, quit it!” when I would needle her and we would both laugh and would have to stiffle it.


    Yesterday I sat down in a chair for a needle nap and a patient of Andy’s –a sweet old lady who spends hours here every week to get treatments and socialize–saw me roll up my pant legs and expose my hairy hippie legs.  She was shocked.  She looked at me and we both started laughing.  Mary came over to treat me. I told her what had happened and all three of us were laughing.   

  4. Oh! I love it!
    Every once

    Oh! I love it!

    Every once in a while I will treat a lady who bashfully admits that she didn’t shave her legs that day before coming in. I just smile at her and tell her that I didn’t shave mine either!

    (I remember making just that comment to my acupuncturist Cheryl, when I first saw her).

    Hairy hippie legs! LOL


  5. So many women apologize to

    So many women apologize to me for not shaving, I hear that all the time.  It’s so funny because I’m so focused on what I feel beneath the skin, I barely notice and certainly don’t care if they are shaved or not. I always tell them I don’t worry about shaving before acupuncture so they don’t need to either.

  6. I tell them . . .

    I don’t expect my male patients to shave, so why should I expect you to?  haha  I’ve yet to have a female patient not laugh when I say that. 

  7. “acupuncture will still

    “acupuncture will still work”


    love it!  I told, Nancy, our front desk diva about my hairy hippie legs and then showed them to her.  She said “I always shave before acupuncture, but if I get treated by YOU, now I don’t have to.  You’ve got the legs of a wolverine.”