Great Day for SCA

Today Cheryl and I went to Goodwill to look for pillowcases – to be resized and sewn up for our neck pillows. While there we found an adorable, comfy, and QUIET (thank God) recliner for only $20.

After paying for said lovely recliner we attempted (with great humor) to try to fit it into my toyota camry. Don’t laugh, I’ve fit 2 or 3 recliners in there before and this guy was petite. Alas no luck. However, a very friendly guy pulled up next to us, tried to help us manuever it into my car, and eventually decided that he should just drive it to my office in his truck.

Too fabulous. He wouldn’t tell me his last name, but his first name was Gordy. Thanks Gordy!!!

(Maybe this was karma returned for having given one of my favorite patients one of our louder chairs that we didn’t like so much. She loves it 🙂 )

Good day indeed!

Dana @ Skagit Community Acupuncture

Hadea Tift
Author: Hadea Tift

<p>Skagit Community Acupuncture is located in Burlington, WA.  </p><p>We are open 5 days a week (Monday - Friday) with both morning and evening hours.</p><p>We have 8 comfy recliners and 1 massage table, with a waiting room and office adjoined, and private interview space.  All visits are $15 - $35 sliding scale with no income verification.

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