Guest Post: Acupuncture for Traumatic Brain Injury

Guest Post:

For quite sometime I was treated at the New England School of Acupuncture’s clinic and was very happy with my treatment there.  As a former Physician’s Assistant, I was always impressed with the professionalism and discounted price of the clinic.  Unfortunately due to my brain injury and limited funds, I could no longer afford even the discounted clinic.

Luckily, one day on my way to one of my favorite MIT libraries, I spotted a hot pink flyer advertising affordable  community acupuncture at Acupuncture Together.  I immediately took the info and was very excited to try the Cambridge acupuncture clinic.  I wasn’t familiar with community acupuncture but was in tremendous need with intractable migraines, chronic severe fatigue, cognitive difficulties, insomnia and nausea, I needed big time help and was getting none from mainstream allopathic medicine.  The trips to the ER were more and more frequent for the migraines & the appointment with the neurologist was months away.

My primary care doctor was suggesting daily migraine preventative however they typically would have side effects that would affect my vestibular system and cognitive function.  I suggested that I get acupuncture 2-3 times a week at least until I could see the neurologist who was familiar with brain injured patients.  Luckily, she is an open minded physician and said, “Sure, I know the acupuncturist there. Good luck & let me know how it goes.”  

I have been able to come in for urgent care acupuncture as well as scheduled visits.  They have a rate I can afford and I am always respectfully treated as though it makes no difference how much I am paying.  I have some dignity left even after two years of the American medical system but not much.  As a former medical provider I have been appalled how I have been treated as a brain injured patient.  When I am better, I will most likely try hard to advocate for better treatment of brain injured patients.  Some of the least compassionate have been mainstream medical providers.  I blame that they are all burned out.  

I am happy to say that I have had 6 days of no headache.  This is a huge accomplishment and I credit the combined effects of community acupuncture, homeopathic and herbal interventions from a naturopath.  

I will continue to speak highly of my community acupuncture experience & look forward to the day that I just go in for seasonal tune-ups.  I cannot thank Justine, Alison and Jess enough for all of their help in keeping me going.

Author: Justine_Myers

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  1. Hello fellow Brain injury survivor, thanks you for posting I had a traumatic brain injury in 2004 and today I’m nine years out and alive with employing several modes of therapy. A successful craniotomy being the intervention that has kept me alive, but not without disability,fatigue,orthodics,depression, anxiety,fear. This year January, I began recieving weekly , affordable, accessible community acupuncture treatments guiltfree because I could afford to pay. In addition,in this late stage of my recovery, i’m happy to report 130%rom abduction,30%rom external rotation in my left arm where my limitation was focused.Also ,I’m positively more balanced with a decrease in: anxiety,fatigue, depression, and fear. in addition, I have increased energy and internal fortitude. As traumatic brain injuries are on the rise, along with the residual unique disabilities it generates.CA community acupuncture offers a mode of therapy that supports relaxation=stress reduction in all stages of stroke rehabilitation.

    In health,
    Desseree K.