HOW-TO: POCA Membership Drive 2014 Nuts and Bolts

    POCA Fest was so lovely and really built me up. More accurately, y’all deeply restored my faith in humanity. And I really mean it. I’m putting all of that energy into this year’s POCA membership drive. I helped a lot with last year’s drive at UA, so I’ve got a little bit of experience under my belt. I also have worked as a canvasser and volunteered at a labor union for some time. My instructions are certainly informed by my experiences in community organizing. I think that there are a lot of parallels between the labor and community acupuncture movements (i.e. we have to constantly combat and break down skepticism but once people see the power of acupuncture and community (or collective bargaining) they just get it).
    I treat the task of getting people involved in POCA much the same as I would for an organizing campaign. This is certainly not the only way to do it, but it seems to work for us.
    Forthcoming is a series of forum posts for the “Tool Box”. Keep an eye out for more posts on “The Tao of Membership Drives”, “ Why I Belong to POCA” and “Social Media and the POCA Membership Drive.” We’ll also be filming and posting some training videos to help get your volunteers ready to sign up those new POCA members!
    In the forums : POCA Community is a step by step guide to doing a POCA Membership Drive. These are the things we have found to work, but it’s an ongoing process of trial and error. Feel free to respond on the forum with how it goes for you when you try it out, or improvements that you make to these suggestions.
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  1. Thanks Urbana CA peeps- this stuff is awesome. And thanks to the POCA BOD members for sending out emails to reach out to all the POCA clinics in hopes that we get more and more clinics participating.

  2. The midwest POCAfest was so laid back, but the after effects have been invigorating. It looks like we are all charged up for this upcoming member drive. I am putting it out there that we aim to make it the best one yet.