I Just Had the Craziest Dream! (But… was it THAT crazy?)

I just thought you’d all like this.

Last night I dreamt that a friend/colleague of mine decided to open a veterinary community acupuncture clinic.

It wasn’t the same set-up as your usual CA clinic.  Instead there were all these little pet beds around the room, and several acupuncturists, each attending to a different pet at the pet beds.

But, it got me thinking.  I know people who love giving their pets acupuncture.  I have the feeling that a group pet interaction would be way too crazy, much like the scenes we all see at the park, etc.  But maybe the idea isn’t really so crazy and could actually work in some way?  I know there’s a doggy day care down the street from me and they also do dog grooming.  All the dogs hang out in the same room all day, and you can see through the window; they also groom the dogs in that room.  The dogs always seem pretty happy and relaxed/playful there.  Maybe that little being tied up gizmo is all they really need.  Then just one acupuncturist could work in peace and people could bring their little cute furry friends in for low cost care.

Hmm, something to think about…

Author: Justine_Myers

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  1. People & Pets


    I have a cat who visits my clinic.  See him sitting under the CAN map?  ~  My hubbie does animal acupuncture, and we’ve joked about making it community style.  (Some of our patients asked us–in all seriousness–if his animals would become a part of the community center when he joined the clinic this past week…) 

    From a purely capitalistic sense, it would be prudent to maximize the overhead space by treating birds on hanging perches, and perhaps we could double-up treatments in the chairs by allowing sleeping felines to curl-up in patients’ laps…But I have grave concerns about how harmonious the cats-dogs-birds would all be together…  😉

  2. .

    maybe each state is different, but i was under the impression that
    only vets could do acupuncture. i live out in farm country right now
    and people have asked about getting treatments on their animals. i was
    able to work on a downed cow and the experience was great. such a different and interesting way of interacting with a patient when they dont “talk” to you directly. i would love
    to work with animals but the legal hurdles make it tough, i wonder if you can work under a vets license?

  3. it depends on the

    it depends on the state–some state laws expressly prohibit anyone from working on animals except vets (turf-war stuff)

    In Massachusetts and Maryland you can practice with some sort of approved animal acupuncture certification.

     Andy, did your tooth really fall out?  Do you look like Opie now?