I’m Still Here Damnit!

In the words of my favorite comedian Sandra Bernhard, “I’m still here, damnit.”  I say this more to remind myself than anyone else–athough I have fallen off CAN.  After practicing for a decade, I debated this summer, heavily, as to whether or not to practice any longer. 

Mainly, I realized that I can’t do Community Acupuncture if I’m not IN a community.  My office for the past three years was in an ivory tower-literally.  I felt very hidden away, disconnected, up in my 5th floor treehouse.  Once my lease ended this June I felt free but lost.  My longtime business partner (a Shiatsu therapist) found a new place and I squatted in a friend’s office for a couple months.

In October I moved in to a gutted former auto repair garage.  Right plop in the middle of a working class neighborhood, right smack on our Greenway (bike transit route), right on the line of a large hispanic neighborhood.  (Espero que mi español es, um, adequate!)  Amazingly my business partner came back into the fold.  it has taken us until this month to paint and organize but I’m really enthusiastic about practicing again.

Ultimately, I’m excited to be accountable again to CAN and to my new community.  We’ve gotta keep pushing the envelope.  I just keep reminding myself, “WWSBD?, Damnit!”  It gets me through.

PS…To those who’ve inquired about the eye treatments for macular degeneration, I’m finishing up a new website with all the info!  www.visionrepairservice.com  So so sorry to have let that fall by the wayside.  There were some legal worries with the nut I learned it from but I found a published article of the treatments!

Author: pindoctor

Has been practicing Chinese Medicine since 1998 as a Shiatsu therapist and as an acupuncturist. He teaches occasionally and speaks frequently to anyone who wants to learn about the wonders of acupuncture. Currently Mats is writing and co-starring in <a href="https://www.thepindoctorshow.com/" target="_blank">The Pindoctor Show</a>, a sketch comedy series he hopes will broaden public awareness of the profession.

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  1. Mats!

    Mazeltov on the gutted garage, it sounds awesome!

    I don’t know what Miss Sandra would DO, but I know she would SAY “without you I’m nothing,” which does seem to fit the community theme (without us we’re nothing?)  Fab out, and keep us posted.