It’s hard to dislike anyone while they’re sleeping.

If you are cynical about people,

be with strangers as they sleep.

Roll up trouser legs and sleeves, treat pain,

cover with blankets, step away. Repeat.

When your soul is lonely, when you’ve lost your anchor,

lean in to speak in whispers, in gestures,

in silent rocking laughter.

If you struggle with trust,

remain alert among the resting.

Watch over the slack-jawed, the heavy-lidded

drowsing through sirens and city buses

braking twenty feet away on East Broadway.

If you think that you are no good

inadequate, never-ever enough,

softly wake someone you’ve just met,

send them off slow and smiling

and welcome in the next one

to heal both of you

Lisa B.
Author: Lisa B.

Lisa prefers fireflies to fireworks, reverts to bluntness in stressful moments, would happily wear legwarmers year-round, and probably wants to be your friend.

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  1. perfect

    what a great thing to read right at the end of an amazing busy shift…each sleeping patient who had told me the woes of especially their work days making me grateful that my workday consists of making theirs better by helping them fall asleep to the sounds of traffic/ocean waves …

     sigh. thanks.

     Gabe – WCA-Hillsdale