It’s May Day! And Membership Drive! And May Day!

Used to be a big deal to do free acupuncture on May 1, International Workers' Day, back when we had few events in CAN. It was pretty much the highlight of the year, except for maybe being able to catch a CA101 once a year or so. Most of the clinics participated, and lots of numbers were compared. It was an exciting time!

  • Nowadays, we have Membership Drives twice a year, POCAfests twice a year, workshops, POCA TV all year long, POCA CEU's when you want 'em, the annual clinic survey, meetings every week, and sometimes May Day gets short shrift. It sneaks up on you before you know it and BAM! You have to make a decision about giving up a whole day's revenue to provide acupuncture to the workers of the world.
  • This year, we've tried to tie it to the Membership Drive, which is starting today (remember how much fun that was to look up the new numbers every day last October?). So whether you're involved in May Day this year or not, you still have all month to help build your fantastic, wonderful, unlooked-for benefit of a co-op
  • So, without further ado~ Here’s where we were at the end of last fall’s drive:
  • Total Patient Members 782 Total Organizational Members – 10 Total Clinic Members – 258 Total Punk Members – 632 Total Members – 1436
  • Here’s where we are today:
  • Total Patient Members: 938 Total Organizational Members: 12 Total Clinic Members: 209 Total Punk Members: 636 Total Members: 1596
  • We’ve continued to make progress with adding members, and we all think we can make BETTER Progress when we’re all adding members together! Get ready for a fun Membership Drive, starting NOW!!!! Are you ready? Do you know how to sign up patients? How much it costs? What their benefits are? Watch this space and the POCA Community forum!
Author: MMDobson

POCA Membership Coordinator and retired punk from Summerville Community Acupuncture, now living in St Petersburg, FL I have 4 Miniature Pinschers, a John Deere tractor, and a big family that lives throughout the South. Life is good.

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  1. yea, I love our membership drives. If you are like me, you are mentioning POCA whenever a patient says “gosh, I don’t know what I’d do without acupuncture” or “I’ve got a friend in Olympia that I am going to see next month.” Membership drives gives me full permission to take it up a notch…and make pretty posters. I like to make posters.

  2. “Membership drives gives me full permission to take it up a notch”… so true, thanks for that Roppie.

    I like seeing the ‘who’s been POCAing lately’ sidebar fill with ‘joined POCA’ tags.

  3. Just came from my usual thursday treatment. What a nice surprise to be told I was being stuck with sharp needles on the exposed parts of my skin, all over my body, FREE OF CHARGE! WOO HOO!

    All this right on the heels of receiving the same pleasure for free, less than two weeks ago, merely for being on this earth another full year!

    What other community gives you this service, and many others, just because you belong????

    Long Live CA!!! Go POCA Tech!!!