Jerusalem Update

Ilan Migdali was here in Israel, giving seminars on Tan’s Balance Method. I was happy to attend the basic seminar in Jerusalem for the second time, as well as the 5 Elements seminar held in Tel-Aviv. You always learn something new (for example – treating hemorrhoids through imaging the belly button). It was exciting to see students, new practitioners and senior ones being introduced to it for the first time. For me it’s become such an obvious part of practicing.


On the first day we went out to lunch in Jerusalem’s marketplace area, and Ilan asked me a little about my practice of community acupuncture. He asked me why I’m doing it, and you know, sometimes a question like that can catch you “off guard”. How do you answer that successfully after 4 meatballs..? So I just said that I think everybody deserves to get acupuncture, and that I like the whole style of practice. When I thought about it later, I felt that I could have said it differently, or said something else, which reminded me of how difficult it is to describe CA in two sentences. “Because it’s the thing to do” crossed my mind later.


A few participants approached me during the seminar and commended the article I wrote on the subject a few months ago. Some also wanted to visit and see how it’s done. I keep track of all of those who show interest, and got 12 of them signed up for the Noodles. Hopefully, these seeds will spread out and grow. I have already heard of 2 clinics starting up in the north and south of the country. Another practitioner called me this morning, and we talked for half an hour. She’s been practicing for 10 years, and feels that if she doesn’t change the way things are done – she will cease to exist professionally. I sent her a few links and told her to order the book.

 As I wait patiently for my box of Noodles to arrive I am preparing material for my upcoming blog on community acupuncture, which will hopefully air soon on the major CM alumni website here in Israel. I find that one of the harder things about this is getting back to the basics – before all the “CAN-anger” stuff. The first drafts I sent to the website manager got her a bit worried, so I toned it down a bit… I don’t want to scare them off right away… My understanding of CA has evolved in the past few years, and I realize, now that I have to explain it, that certain fundamentals have to be clarified, before delving any deeper. Hopefully, this blog will ignite the discussion again.  

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  1. Love hearing how things are

    Love hearing how things are working out for you and the ways you are working to share this with your colleagues.  I’m sure many of us can resonate with having to answer questions “off guard,” but like many of the questions we have to answer regarding acupuncture, it is something that just gets easier with time and practice.  Genuine responses of love from the heart and excitement about what you do are also, no doubt, the most poignant of all.

    Justine Deutsch, Lic. Ac., Acupuncture Together