I’m POCA’s Financial Coordinator and one of the things I do is keep track of POCA’s micro-loans. Applicants send their application to me, I check that their POCA membership is current and that all the required documents are included and that all the application questions are answered. Then I forward the new application on to the Finance Circle, where they do their fabulous and extensive work.
    After an application is accepted, I work to make sure the actual loan agreement is correct, put it on POCA letterhead, and send it off to the loan recipient for signature. After the loan agreements returned to the POCA office, I snag Skip to sign it, and then write the check and mail it off. I remind our new microloan recipients when their first payments are due, receive and keep track of their payments, and take the checks to the bank. I’ll also be sending out year-end loan statements.
    So much work goes into making the loans, on both sides, and I am thrilled to actually put the loan checks in the mail. New clinic owners work so hard to open their new clinics, and it is exciting to see new clinics open and thrive, and serve their communities.
    POCA made three micro-loans to help start new clinics in 2013!
    Your membership fees support POCA and allow us to make more micro-loans. Join today!
Author: POCAGuestBlog

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