New Clinic is open in the SF Bay Area!

I am posting below a guest blog from my sweetie, Paul, describing our new clinic.
I will just preface it with a couple of comments:
We are in Albany, CA, just north of Berkeley.
We had a lovely "soft opening" last Wednesday. We treated 20 people in the first two days of business.
We are currently open 3 days a week and have 30 appointments booked for the upcoming week!
Later this week we are having a space-clearing and blessing ceremony and we plan to have an opening reception sometime in the next month or two. 
Our website is here:
Photos are here:
Paul's blog: 
Sarana Community Acupuncture was opened on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 bypartners Tatyana Ryevzina and Pamela Chang. It As Tatyana's significant other,I was intimately acquainted with the amazing amount of energy andattention-to-detail Tatyana and Pamela put into creating the new clinic.
Tatyana found furniture, services and equipment, Pamela put her architecturalskills to work, making a wall out of bookshelves and curtains to seperate thewaiting area from the treatment space.  Also, as I've observed in othercontexts, when someone is doing something positive and interesting, thecommunity will show up to help: A contractor friend of Pamela's installed asink and found copper pipe for the curtain rods, provided for barter; Pamela'shouse-mate donated a carpet; two of Tatyana's patients made curtains andreupholstered a folding screen, a friend showed up with a potted orchid. I was "pressed into service" to set up their computer system and create a website for the new clinic, and schlepped load after load of stuff into the new space until it looked like its own estate sale.
When I walked in for my appointment on opening day, I was amazed. The clutterhad vanished and everything was neatly arranged. The waiting area is narrow butwelcoming, and Pamela greeted me with a big smile. We whispered, as the sign onthe door proclaimed the clinic to be a quiet space, and Pamela directed me tostep through the curtains and choose a seat. There are three recliners and onetable in the larger treatment area, two of the recliners were occupied so Imoved to the third. There were pictures on the walls and a tapestry on theceiling. I took off my shoes and socks, and emptied my trouser pockets into thebasket provided. Settling back in the recliner, I relaxed to the sound ofbreathing (from the white noise generator) and gentle music while Tatyananeedled a patient who arrived ahead of me. When my turn came she directed me toroll my pants up to the knee and asked what I was there for today. I gave hermy current cold symptoms and she placed needles in my head, face, hands, legs,and feet. I was in a relaxed mood and able to sleep for most of my treatment.During my treatment one patient left, and another arrived in a wheelchair. Itook my time putting my shoes on and gathering my possessions, savoring thesense of tranquility. When I got up Tatyana gave me the tour, showing me howthey'd arranged the consult room and the smaller treatment area in the back of the clinic. As I left, Pamela gave me a tangerine.
I've received a lot of treatments since I met Tatyana, but this is the best so far. I know that it's too early to make predictions after one day, but I can't help believing that Sarana is destined to succeed!
Author: tatyana

<p> I grew up in the Soviet Union and immigrated to the United States as a teen, living in New York and Chicago before moving to the Bay Area in 1998. I began as a Yoga instructor and as a practitioner of Ohashiatsu bodywork and have been practicing Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine since 2003. Before switching to community acupuncture practice model I had a sporadic and struggling private practice, worked as an herbal pharmacist, as an instructor and clinical supervisor at an acupuncture school, plus did a two-year stint doing acupuncture at a public health clinic, working with mostly HIV/HCV+ populations in San Francisco. </p> <p> My discovery of Community Acupuncture practice model (via Lisa Rohleder's Acupuncture Today columns) profoundly transformed my life -- not just my work life but many other aspects of it. I gained a vocation, a community of friends and the most stable and rewarding job I have ever had. I see community acupuncture practice model as the most sustainable and most fitting to my values. It makes sense to me from the point of view of healthcare access, social justice, spirituality, and as an antidote to isolation. In 2008, together with another stellar acupunk Pam Chang I...

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  1. Congratulations!!!

    Sounds so beautiful and tranquil – I love the descriptions.  Also that is so wonderful that you had so many helpful people involved in the clinic creation.  Congratulations!

  2. Go ladies Go

    Beautiful! I love the name, and the deep intention behind it. I offer my prayers that Sarana offers refuge to many thousands of individuals over its long incarnation, providing a place of refuge to the larger community, and Right (and sustainable) Livelihood to its practitioners and (eventual) staff.


    Cynicism is a smokescreen for laziness and fear. Clear light mind awaken! Pierce through all layers of doubt and delusion! Inspire me onwards in ceaseless waves of selfless activity.

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    Cynicism is a smokescreen for laziness and fear. Clear light mind awaken! Pierce through all layers of doubt and delusion! Inspire me onwards in ceaseless waves of selfless activity.

  4. Congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment and beginning.

    You have both worked so diligently on this; surely goodness, growth and great gladness are yours in abundance.