POCA Announces NEW Member Benefits for 2014

    Since POCA formed a mere two and a half years ago, we’ve been growing at an amazing rate! We are always asking members how the coop can best serve their needs and we have received lots of feedback from members about services they want from POCA.
    A recurring theme since we started asking for feedback is website: more functionality, more user-friendly, more useful data collection, better searching, easy to use profile updating and clinic updating, and lots of other stuff. So here’s the really good news: We can do it, or most of it. And we can put it together soon. And we have other cool member benefits for everyone like:
    Free POCA TV for all members, with a better interface, which will hopefully get rid of those pesky browser issues. And you won’t have to re-subscribe to POCA TV every month!

        Free CEU’s –8 free CEU’s with your paid annual punk or clinic subscription, with additional CEU’s available at low POCA prices.
        A brand-new POCA-approved Clinic Safety Manual, beautifully written by Karen Bryant, MD (you may remember her presentation from Manchester CANference). This is a complete, ready to instate Safety Manual designed specifically for POCA clinics.
        A whole new website re-design by our very own tech czar-punk-web guy Wade Phillips. Wade has been putting bandaids on the website for a couple of years and is finally happy to be able to transplant a new heart into POCA.
        And here’s how we are all going to do this together: When you come up for renewal, either punk or clinic renewal, after January 1 2014, you will be presented with a new sliding scale. The punk sliding scale starts at $65, and the clinic sliding scale (which, remember, includes one punk membership) starts at $150, beginning in 2014. Each membership includes free CEU’s, free access to POCA TV, and contributes to the generation of the wonderful new website.
        We know you’ll have lots of questions, so you can post them on the blog or in the forums, OR if you feel more private about it, email to membership@pocacoop.com.
      Author: MMDobson

      POCA Membership Coordinator and retired punk from Summerville Community Acupuncture, now living in St Petersburg, FL I have 4 Miniature Pinschers, a John Deere tractor, and a big family that lives throughout the South. Life is good.

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