POCA-Strengthening Our Communities by Making More Punks

Thank you POCA and POCAtech.  I’ve been a punk for over 10 years now.  It is the best job I have ever had and I love being in a busy treatment room full of patients.  I should also say thank you WCA for sharing your approach to acupuncture so freely and for all you’ve done to help launch POCAtech.  I manage two clinics in Massachusetts, a long way from this special school in Oregon.  But our clinics and our patients were most fortunate, despite being far away, a POCAtech grad started punking with us in June 2018.

Our two clinics are 8 miles apart and employee 4 punks working busy shifts.  Given the population density in eastern Mass, it is easy for me to envision many POCA clinics, one every 8-10 miles.  Is that a crazy thought?  Yes and no.  No, because I have no doubt that there are patients that would fill up these clinics.  Yes, because we need many more punks to make this real. 
I look around the treatment room and I see many patients who find affordable acupuncture is making a positive difference for them.  POCA and POCAtech are all about making it possible for many more people to have this experience.

I wish there were more acupuncturists wanting to be punks.  Over the years I have hired 10 acupuncturists.  3 are punking with us now and 1 has just started a new POCA clinic in Boston.  Yay!  For the rest, punking wasn’t the right job for them.  How do we create treatment opportunities for many, many more patients?  The answer is POCAtech.  Growing POCAtech, creating more and more new punks, ah what a lovely thought.
For the clinic owners out there, if you get a chance to hire POCAtech grad, jump at it.  When Joe, our POCAtech grad started last summer, it was the most relaxed I have ever been with a new punk.  I knew Joe understood what we do and that this was job he wanted to do.  Thank you POCAtech, thank you Joe. Our two clinics are stronger, more stable and better able to serve our communities because of you.

I encourage anyone reading this to support POCA and POCAtech in whatever way you can.  It does make a difference.

Author: teatree

lover of bikes, gardens, loaf shaped animals, kids, contra dancing, books, and weird smells. poking people and helping them feel better is amazing.

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