POCA Tech Accreditation is Sexy

Dear POCA comrades,

If you need a reminder of why Community Acupuncture is important, please check out this article from Reuters titled “Arthritis may boost the risk of poverty, generally for women.”

“Women who developed arthritis were 51 percent more likely to fall into income poverty than nonarthritic women. For men, arthritis increased the risk by 22 percent.”

That being said, we have our work cut out for us. There is no other low cost acupuncture organization that cares about working women who suffer from arthritic pain…or fibromyalgia…or anxiety…or just fill in the __________.

October is right around the corner.  That means we are gearing up for the Fall Membership Drive.  Last spring, we worked together to create the best Membership Drive in POCA history.  Our goal was to sign up and renew 400 POCA memberships in order to raise $10,000 towards POCA Tech accreditation costs.  We exceeded our goal and we saw the most clinic participation of any membership drive.  Our biggest concern, as the Membership Circle,  was how we could make fundraising for POCA Tech accreditation sound sexy?  All of you proved to us just how sexy POCA Tech accreditation is to you. 

Just think of how many more people we can help when POCA Tech graduates groups of well trained acu-punks every year. 

Please participate with us next month for the Fall 2015 POCA  member drive.  Materials from member drives past will be ready to print off in forums.  You will have everything that you need to get your clinic ready to sign up and renew POCA members.  If you have not already become a POCA Tech sustainer for as little as $5 a month, please consider that, too. 


The POCA Membership Circle

Author: Roppy

MAS super-punk since 2010

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  1. wow. get sick in any significant way, fall into poverty (if not already there!) what a great country we live in.

    but yes, i am renewing my membership and i am one of those POCA tech students, who will one day graduate (!) and start a clinic.