POCA Tech Donations Cross the $50K Mark

We are delighted to announce that POCA Tech has now raised more than $50,000 in just over a year!

We'd like to thank our comrade Ellen Rudolph and her family foundation for their most recent donation — actually their second to POCA Tech, and the one that put us over the line. Ellen wrote, “My mother's uncle, Leopold Friedman, who stood about 5'2″, emigrated from Germany  in the 1890's, I think, with his brother and sister, my grandmother. He lived in New York, worked days, put himself through law school at night, and did exceedingly well. He was a sweet man, always doing good works, and lived into his late 90's. The foundation is his legacy, tended now by one of my cousins, that members of our family can tap to support non-profits we care about. POCA Tech is one I'm very pleased to support.” Thank you, Ellen, your support means a lot to us.

We'd also like to thank Cait Cain for recent donations and an inspired fundraising idea. Cait has used the reappearance of POCA's friend Evan Mahoney, who has been calling for my resignation in posts on a large acupuncturists' group on Facebook, to drive donations to POCA Tech: whenever Evan complains about POCA, or punks, or me, Cait encourages one donation for each negative comment. It's kind of like a drinking game, but as Melissa Tiernan pointed out, at the rate Evan's going, if we were playing a drinking game we'd all be on a continuous bender. This is much better and we truly appreciate all the recent donations. Thank you Cait (and Evan).

We are looking forward to completing the paperwork for POCA Tech's private career school application to the Oregon Department of Education by the end of December. Thanks to Robert Hakim Hayden, Carmen Doerge, Gloria Jacobs, Kevin Germain, and everybody who has been helping with the most recent steps. I'm hopeful that at this pace — and with some recent signs of progress from the ODE — we will be ready to start accepting applications in the spring, with a start date for classes in September. Probably in February we'll be ready for a last big fundraising push. Thank you, comrades, for all the kind thoughts, generous donations, and creative ideas.

Author: lisafer

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  1. This is very good news.

    I look forward to the first acupuncture school in the country that actually asks students to critically examine whether or not they have completely learned the subjects in which they have received “A” grades.

    I look forward to the first acupuncture school interested in developing students into medical practitioners rather than herb and needles salespeople.

    I look forward to an acupuncture school which is really a medical school, one teaching basic remedies (like acupuncture), not a venue for book publishers and seminar pushers to prey on students.

    I look forward to a school which educates students about the dollars and cents financial issues in the acupuncture field FIRST. All of the current schools teach this at a point when the students are too insanely indebted to pull out.

    I look forward to POCA Tech since it is a chance for something different. I hope to be there to help it be a truly different school.

    Thank you for your hard work,