POCA Tech Receives an In-Kind Donation Worth $12K

…if we were capitalists, that is. We're not capitalists, and it's worth a lot more than that. Super-volunteer Robert Hayden accomplished the first major task in POCA Tech's curriculum development: a draft of the Program Map. (“Draft” means mostly done except for tinkering with formatting.) You can admire it here: https://pocacoop.com/S=8477e314ad8e5252db91f1180b363f3fa4f057f3/forums/viewthread/6190/

Thank you, Robert.

Author: lisafer

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  1. Thanks a TON Robert- and isn’t this just step 2? So there’s a lot more social capital that POCA Coop and POCAtech will be continuing to receive as donations in kind.
    So thank you in advance to everyone.