Proof that acupuncture is really relaxing.

Tonight, 3 ‘punks met at the Poke Community Acupuncture after hours before heading out for a political strategizing meeting/dinner date/gigglefest. (‘Cause the multitasking just doesn’t stop when you’re a community acupuncturist, even when you’re not in the middle of a 6-an-hour-shift.)

S: Are those someone’s pants hanging on the coat rack?

D: Someone forgot their pants! How did that happen??

L: That happens all the time at gay bars.

D: Poke would be a good name for a gay bar, too.

(hysterical laughter)

Lisa B.
Author: Lisa B.

Lisa prefers fireflies to fireworks, reverts to bluntness in stressful moments, would happily wear legwarmers year-round, and probably wants to be your friend.

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