Seeking Risk Takers for POCA Tech

Back in 2015, a POCA Tech student named Laura, in Cohort 2, launched a project to make it possible for students like her to be able to do their clinical internships in their home clinics.  Laura’s home clinic was in Utah, Wasatch Community Acupuncture, where she had been a patient and a receptionist before she decided to train to be a punk. This turned out to be a pretty radical departure from acupuncture school business as usual, and the wheels of educational change grind pretty slowly, so Laura and the three other POCA Tech students who hail from Utah all have had to move to Portland to do their clinical internships. But all of Laura’s and Wasatch’s hard work is about to bear fruit for POCA Tech students joining Cohort 5, and after.

ACAOM has given POCA Tech permission to pilot our “Away Clinics” project. We learned last week that we can start with one clinic, in Utah, and if all goes well, we can add a second clinic in Rhode Island, six months later. Our hope is that we can start training students in Utah in August 2019, and then in Rhode Island in February 2020. (More details in the forums about the Away Clinics pilot here:

The thing is, though, in order to do that, we need Cohort 5 applicants from Utah and ideally, New England (close enough to Providence to do intern shifts once or twice a week) who want to commute to Portland for their didactic classes but who want to do most of their clinical hours closer to home. This is a pilot project, so we need a few folks who are as brave and resilient as the students who enrolled in POCA Tech before we even knew whether we could get into Candidacy with ACAOM.  If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have a school. Similarly, if we’re going to be able to fulfill our collective dream of offering affordable training at multiple POCA clinics around the country, we need a few courageous souls to sign up for the pilot — because we can’t run the pilot if we don’t have students to practice with. These pioneers would be the first students who didn’t have to move to Portland to go to POCA Tech.

So if this sounds like it might be you — and if you think you have a vocation for community acupuncture — please get in touch with us. We want to go out exploring on this new ragged edge, but we can’t do it without you. Write to us at

Author: lisafer

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