The POCA Jobs Wiki is Here!

The POCA Jobs Wiki is here! What is the POCA Jobs Wiki, you ask? It's a collection of information all pertaining to employment at a POCA clinic. The wiki contains perspectives from both clinic owners and employee punks about the realities of being employed at a POCA clinic and how to best go about finding your dream POCA job. You can find the Jobs Wiki under the drop down wiki tab, or by clicking here:

Are you a job-seeker, interested in finding employment as a punk at a POCA clinic? The wiki has a ton of relevant information for you, such as:

  • What it's like to work at a busy Community Acupuncture clinic
  • How much you can expect to get paid
  • How to write a great cover letter and resume

Are you a clinic owner, needing to hire some great punks? Direct your applicants to the jobs wiki and they'll be better prepared with topics like:

  • The Community Acupuncture mindset
  • Tips for landing a CA job

Most of the information in the wiki is available to POCA members and non-members alike, so if you are a job-seeker and haven't yet joined POCA, you can still read and learn from the wiki (but seriously, you should join POCA). I want to extend a huge thanks to the many people who contributed to this project: Jade Fang, Moses Cooper, Mary Cole, Sarah Lefkowich, Nora Madden, Suzzanne Lohr, Elizabeth Ropp, Roselle McNeilly, Nick Kurtz, the Clinic Success circle folks and anyone else I may have forgotten. Thank you! Happy job hunting!

Author: alexa

Hey y'all!  I opened my CA clinic here in beautiful Music City, USA, in January 2010.  I love hanging out with other community acupuncturists, so come visit!

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  1. I’m continually in awe of everyone doing so much hard work and producing so much, it’s so great to be a part of such an amazing group of people 🙂