WCA #1, WCA #2, WCA #3…..combine a bit of CAN, sprinkle a pinch of POCA & mix!

There has been a lot going on around the Working Class Acupuncture clinics lately in addition to our number one priority of patient care. Our punks have also been busy with vacations, CANference #2 travel & presentations, self-care, new hire training, opening another WCA clinic and preparing for maternity leave – a first for WCA! Our front desk staff have been busy promoting the Portland CAN documentary screening and fundraising for the third WCA clinic all while seamlessly taking care of regular patient needs before any punk gets needles in them. The POCA staff is only an office or two away cranking out memberships, newsletters, press releases and manuals on a national level. That’s a lot!

Today was a pretty cool day though, on the spectrum of seeing things take shape. We printed the posters for the WCA documentary screening (I’ll post attachments & details inside the forums for CANers in a few days). Hot off the press, I ventured to WCA Lents to plaster the windows with posters. Construction always brings spectators. Then I headed to the end of the block to Lents Commons Coffeehouse to give them some posters. They are anxiously waiting for our clinic to open. I think we’ll make a great team! A third place maybe? Then I headed to WCA Cully to hang more posters. Lisa was there too making photocopies of the latest issue of the Hollywood Star News, a local neighborhood publication. Portland is a neighborhood matrix which we now refer to our WCA clinics as; Cully, Hillsdale and soon to be, Lents. It was great see the article promoting the CAN documentary and a large color image of the DVD cover! Then I stopped by to visit Gabe, one my fellow WCA Hillsdale punks, to deliver more posters since she works the morning shift before I take over in the afternoon. While we were talking about all the excitement around WCA growth and the larger CAN promotion happening with the documentary, she mentioned….”you know you’ll be the only punk who has had regular shifts at three WCA clinics” (I’m sure Skip & Lisa would love to keep any subbing there to a minimum *wink*).

Gabe’s comment really made me think about how much I will appreciate my punking move to WCA Lents.To have a home clinic that I go to five days a week.To really be able to sink in and know the characters and quirkiness that make up the Lents neighborhood. Something that I might otherwise never get to experience in the way that I will working in a community acupuncture clinic.As I was composing an email to Macey, WCA Hillsdale reception wrangler, to let know that posters are on the way…don’t forget to send out the documentary email to our patients….and maybe, just maybe, remind them that I only have two more shifts at WCA Hillsdale.I couldn’t get this song out of my head.And somehow, Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” circa 1985 is absolutely perfect for my new WCA home.Even better, I bet a bunch of the soon to be regulars wouldn’t disagree.I can’t wait to develop an insane romance with everything about WCA Lents!

Author: Shauna

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  1. 3 things

    1) Congratulations on the new clinic

    2) Damn you for getting that song stuck in my head too (you really pulled off a combination of “takes me back to miserable highschool memories” and “death to false metal” here.)

    3) Holy crap! Vince Neil rocking the white assless chaps over hot pink tiger-striped bannanna hammock! That is sooo much more awesome to me now than it was back then.