What was that?

I think last evening I had the first indefinable experience since beginning community acupuncture. I’m afraid to analyze it too much, for it feels so illusive. But I want to share it here, because, well – where else would I…? A strange kind of magic was going on…. and I found myself walking around with a stupid inner smile.

I think what might have triggered it was hearing a good feedback from a patient. By “good feedback” I mean the kind you usually read somewhere when certain effects of acupuncture are described. Besides having her symptoms reduced, G. described a feeling of connecting to her body again. “It sounds like some minor detail, but I began drinking water lately. I always hated water!” Then she told me of an experience she attributes to the needling of Yin Tang, when after treatment she attended a concert and really felt connected and present. “It was like a veil was cast away before my eyes…” were her words. She then joined the treatment room, where 2 friends of her were relaxing with needles. They all smiled to each other.

One of her friends was a new patient, an 18 year old who was uptight about the needles. Luckily, Li-11 was in the combination so I needled it first, expecting her sigh of relief that indeed followed. I enjoyed being attentive and gentle with her, and watching her relaxing in the recliner was so…. blissful.

 I was on vacation following a holiday so I didn’t poke anyone for two weeks. I was excited about seeing my patients again and wondered how it would go. There was definitely something in the air there. It was as if the whole room was situated on a cloud, with me walking quietly around, attending to the flow of things. It all just… flowed! Cool

Author: royg

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  1. “Inner Smile”

    Well said!

    I can totally relate to the feeling you are trying to elicit here… I often will tell people that “I know it may sound a bit corny, but at times I feel that my work really does warm my heart.”  Whatever we call it, I think it’s something we all are very lucky to experience.  The gifts of acupuncture are not always just for the patients… 

    Justine Deutsch, Lic. Ac., Acupuncture Together

  2. Addictive

    …isn’t it. I hate to tell you, you are probably hooked for life, because there’s nothing else like it. All long -term CANners are junkies.

    “You know how people always say there’s a reasonable explanation for things like this? Well, there isn’t.” Daniel Pinkwater, The Neddiad