While Gathering Recliners


There seems to be some real momentum starting to move forward prepping for a second Manchester Acupuncture Studio clinic here in southern, NH.  For my part this weekend, I’d been out picking up recliners from folks selling their unwanteds on Craigslist. And I’m remembering how much I love the recliner gathering part of opening a clinic.
I don’t know if it’s simply Glorious summertime in New England, but I’m getting to meet folks who are clearly looking for a connection of some sort – a chance to offer a pat on the back, share a story of two, or making an extra effort to see the recliner off safely.  All to a person, simply show genuine interest in the acupuncture clinic the chair will be working at and the marvel that it fit in the back of my wife’s Prius.  
It’s been a real treat meeting a kind couple with a rust-colored recliner who happened to know of regular estate sales who will normally have recliners for ‘next to nuthin’.  She’ll be keeping me in the loop for future reference.
I was equally happy to have met the older man with a red Lane recliner, who’s son ‘didn’t want it any more’ who’s recent attack of Bell’s palsy got him a referral to his local Community Acupuncture clinic in Concord, NH. The last chairs of the day were delivered by a generous Dad with a big truck who lived across town from the clinic, who insisted making a trip so I didn’t have to make a second one.  For his troubles, he got to see where his chair will seat many happy fannies.
One could make the observation that our clinics are simply spaces for connections to made; person to clinic, person to new friends and staff and fellow clinic-goers and of course, person to themselves.  I’m remembering the process of gathering for the creation of these spaces, is openly representative of the connections to be made, and a lot of damn fun!
By the way… any community acu-punks interested in a job?  Email me…
Author: andy-wegman

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  1. yay, andy! thanks for sharing this. it’s a great reminder of what’s in store for us acupunk students getting ready to take our california licensing exam in august.

    we began our pre-clinic recliner collection in january but had to stop for a time in order to cram our brains with a lot of ridiculous facts like how many people are on the acupuncture board. cuz we all know that tidbit is gonna make me a rockstar acupuncturist.

    with two weeks to go, i have little brain space left for coherent thought. so, where was i? ohhhh, the goodness of having a hobby like recliner collection.

    since our tiny car refuses to fit anything bigger than a thimble in our backseat, we not only relied on the kindness of strangers who wanna find their recliners a loving home. we also got to ask friends for help.

    borrowing trucks. borrowing strong arms. feeling humble, grateful, supported and surprisingly, more alive.

    once we take this stinking exam, we’ll start collecting again. gonna start our clinic with 12 beautifully duct-taped recliners because we wanna grow, grow, grow into a place where lots of people get help and lots of other people have fulfilling jobs.

  2. funny, I just switched from Craig’s list recliner scouting to POCA and saw this!
    it’s a project that comes in waves, and it’s funny to watch that in the life of the clinic, as a few of the favorite chairs get so well loved that they get worn-out, a la Velveteen Rabbit.

    well said on connections. we’ve also made some life-long supporters from our recliner and clinic outfitting jaunts.

    and congrats on numba 2! look forward to hearing more about it.

  3. It’s fun to think of the recliners working in your clinic. That’s exactly what they do. It’s all about the recliners. I’ve recently replaced many of my LaFuma’s and patients have spent a lot of time bonding with the new chairs – or not, and telling me about it!
    Looking forward to community clinic #5 for the state. Now we can really have a party!

  4. Recliners are not part of the fabric in the UK as they are in the US…the ‘puffy’ was more our thing. I have to admit…when I first saw recliners being used in POCA clinics I thought they looked ‘ugly’ …however,I am a convert since I had a treatment in one. They are so comforting and add another dimension to the treatment ( a bit like getting a cuddle or a hug). I would love to have recliners but they just wouldn’t fit the space I have – the Zero Gravity chairs do. I haven’t even got this clinic up & running yet but already I’m feeling I’ve outgrown it! I need more space…

  5. what a great story Andy. I do remember going on the recliner hunt and what a magical time it is. I appreciate reading this and connecting with that anticipation of all our clinics offer everyone involved.